Essay on Scientific and Technological Developments

The nineteenth and twentieth centuries were marked by nice scientific and technological developments. These developments encompassed many alternative fields like transportation, communication, producing, education, trade, health care et al..

The lifetime of individuals has become quite comfy with these scientific innovations as numerous forms of machines have begun to perform complicated tasks for them.

There was a time once man wont to walk long distances to achieve alternative places for trade and alternative pursuits. The invention of wheel enabled him to form hand-driven and animal driven carts to move numerous forms of merchandise to completely different destinations.

With the invention of gas and also the engines that might be used it as fuel came differing kinds of vehicles. Cars, trucks, buses, bikes and alternative road transport means that started being created. This was maybe the best scientific development. individuals may move to long distances and in sizable amount.

They started aiming to alternative countries. Not solely the trade flourished however conjointly there was cultural development due to interaction of individuals of various heritages, beliefs, traditions-each influencing the opposite in a way. Man conquered the oceans with the creating of ships, vessels, boats. aiming to alternative continents became easier. conjointly with the assistance giant|of huge|of enormous} ships the countries may transport large quantities of merchandise to alternative places for functions of trade. The fishing trawlers enabled individuals to urge sea-food in giant quantities, adding to their food security.

The biggest accomplishment within the field of transportation came within the form of aeroplanes. The Wright brothers created the primary airplane and flew on that for some seconds, however most significantly, they gave the thought of the air transportation. the thought was afterwards developed by physics engineers into the creating of aeroplanes. Today, travelling is probably the foremost necessary means that of travel for its speed and luxury.

A person will have breakfast in India, lunch in London and dinner in some yankee or African country-thanks to the speedy air-travel. With the event of trade and increase in population, there was a desire to create a transport system that might carry an outsized variety of individuals and serious amounts of payload to completely different places on an everyday basis. the solution came within the style of railways that solved each these issues. Crores of individuals visit numerous destinations in trains across the world. India’s railway transport system is that the biggest in Asia.

The latest technological development during this space is that the railway railways. The metropolis railway Rail Corporation has created a network of railway services within the capital providing subtle, comfy and fast mode of mass transport system. Similar services area unit being started in several alternative major cities in India.

The invention of computers has been another major development within the history of world. loosely, computers area unit the machines that convert knowledge into info. however with regular upgradation of technology, these machines have began to perform the foremost complicated functions.

They are the storehouses of data, disseminators of knowledge, processors of fed info and show systems of the newest positions about the realm being searched. Invariably all the fields involved with service industry-including banking, insurance, booking, education, medicine, developing, designing, etc. area unit operating with the assistance of computers-which not solely give accuracy and speed however conjointly selection and attractiveness.